Based in Cambridge, UK, XMW Consulting provides services to clients worldwide. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Examples of successful projects completed by XMW Consulting include:

Implemented a promotional forecasting system for a very large UK supermarket, meeting target of a £10M annual reduction in waste and improved availability. This system is fully implemented in MATLAB, is integrated with a data warehouse system, and has been in production making live, daily promotional forecasts across all food categories with zero unplanned downtime for over a year.

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Developed applications for the analysis, visualisation and simulation of geophysical and seismological data for a very large UK oil and gas company, enabling a game-changing reduction in analysis time from over two weeks to less than one day. These applications include complex graphical user interfaces, multicore and HPC parallel computing, and integration of C code with MATLAB.

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Developed, and released to production, applications for a large Switzerland-based investment bank to aggregate, analyze and visualize very large numbers of balance sheet calculations. This project included a strong requirement for robust, production-strength software development, build and release processes.

Built a statistical model to predict domestic UK property valuations for a web-based real estate company, leading to a 40% improvement in prediction accuracy. This project included a focus on effective communication of analyses and results with entirely non-technical clients.

Reviewed, documented, and updated statistical models underlying a pharmaceutical toxicity test for a Singapore-based biotech company, helping to keep this small company in existence following the sudden removal from sale of the cell lines used for the test.

Audited for quality and compliance a collection of technical MATLAB code for the calibration of magnetometers, as part of the due diligence process of a Switzerland-based venture capital company considering an investment in a manufacturer of drones for geophysical surveys.

XMW Consulting takes a flexible approach and can tailor services to your needs. Examples of services that can be provided include: