“Sam is highly knowledgeable about MathWorks products and the kind of work customers are trying to perform. This plus Sam’s ability to understand the problems the customer encounters make Sam a potent ally […] Sam is a great partner to work with, including during challenging times […] He knows how to get things done well, and makes it look easy.”

Loren Shure
Principal Software Engineer

“Sam has worked with me at Tesco for several years, and has architected and built several production-strength MATLAB models and tools that have substantially improved Tesco’s supply chain performance. Sam understands really well what is required to build software that works in all edge cases and is maintainable and sustainable. Sam is very personable and good to work with.”

— Duncan Apthorp
Supply Chain Development

“Sam has been working with us for over two years […] to take R&D MATLAB code and turn it into a robust application for a broader user-base. The R&D code was technically complex but written to a pretty poor standard by a novice MATLAB user, so this was a daunting task. Specifically Sam was asked to provide a navigable GUI and to re-engineer the code to make it more modular and more maintainable.

We’ve been successfully using Sam’s version of the front-end application for over a year […] The code has proved to be robust and much more user-friendly than the original. So, technically the objectives of the project have been met. However Sam’s contribution has been much more than this; as an expert MATLAB user he has been incredibly useful providing help and advice to the rest of the team to improve our own productivity.

The application is compute intensive and requires parallel architecture to run efficiently. The core team had no previous experience with this so again Sam was very helpful in getting this aspect working. More recently he has been working with experts in Houston to further re-engineer the code to run on a very large compute cluster.

Sam has been a pleasure to work with and I can strongly recommend him as a technical MATLAB expert coder.”

— Pat Connolly
Senior Geophysicist

“Sam has a terrific background in data mining, complex statistical methods and machine learning. Having worked on data from diverse industries, he brought to GSK a fresh and unbiased approach to toxicogenomic data analysis. He is particularly good at explaining complex mathematical analysis in a way that can be understood by colleagues of all levels.”

— Peter Lord
Director, Toxicogenomic Mechanisms

“Sam has provided training for us in MATLAB a number of times, he has a very deep knowledge of his subject and presents it well. He also has a passion for tinkering with technology which is a good sign when recruiting someone in this area.”

— Ian Hopkinson
Research Scientist

“Sam has worked with me several times on creative projects, exploring computational options and creative technology applications. He has a knack of grasping the detail in new challenges and problems and rapidly identifies likely solutions and options. Sam is very easy to work with, excellent in meetings balancing opposing objectives, and is an interesting and coherent speaker and presenter.”

— Ted Manning
Senior Seismic Processing Specialist

“I highly recommend Sam as an expert in the application of modelling and simulation in pharmaceutical research. I have worked with him over a number of years and have found him to have an exceptionally high skill level, creativity and excellent customer focus. Sam is also very easy to work with — he is personable, humorous and mature.”

— Neil Benson
Systems Pharmacology

“Sam is an excellent problem solver and communicator, who brings a highly professional and creative approach to all his work. I worked with Sam while managing a systems biology program at Unilever R&D in the UK and valued his strong ability to understand our needs and to identify timely and appropriate solutions.”

— Brendan O'Malley
Corporate Research

“I have always found Sam to be the most patient and considerate advisor, trainer and consultant — a delight to work with. He has fantastic knowledge of informatics, statistics and systems biology, but has never made me or anyone else feel inferior. He shows real enthusiasm for helping the customer find solutions to problems, and has been quick to identify the mistakes I have made and offer great solutions.”

— Ted Parton
Director, Research DMPK
UCB Pharma